Women Who Stream Tech

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achNina on Twitch


Furby zerlegen #werbung

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Hey, ich bin Nina und ich lerne, wie man Roboter baut.

erindesong on Twitch


Doing design research + catching up with yall

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A product designer by day, shitty gamer by night. 🎮+ trying to be more productive by learning Frontend Dev + working during streams. Warning: pretty sassy. 💅

MishManners on Twitch

I'm a Content Producer in the realms of innovation and technology - that means esports and gaming too! Known as the "Hackathon Queen" 👑 you'll find me here on Twitch playing a variety of games, as well as sharing my knowledge on esports, tech, business, marketing, science, and many other topics.

CoderSnacks on Twitch

Hello everyone! Join CoderSnacks for a session of Let's Code! Learn with me all those Data Structures & Algorithms + Software Development Side Projects. I'm an intern and full-time software dev student myself so having a group of people to tag along will be great!

bashbunni on Twitch

Heya! I'm doing a big fundraiser for the Mines Advisory Group right now (linked). I stream software development using nvim. I'm a nerd who nukes code on stream. I use my twitch channel to learn new skills and banter with chat. We're all about the good vibes here :)

JenniNexus on Twitch

Hi friends 🌈 Let's learn Indie Game Dev, Unity, Blender, and build our experience (and portfolios) together :)

EllieJaySC on Twitch

I'm Ellie (she/her) and I am here to hang out, chat about random stuff, & code up cool front end projects. Feel free to come & hang with me, you might even learn something. 😯😉😁

splashley on Twitch

Always learning. Canadian. Junior Frontend Developer. University student in Business Technology Management. Proud cat mom of six. Loves to play video-games.

endingwithali on Twitch

live laugh love? nah fam l'eat l'meme l'crisis I'm ali - i stream coding (javascript, python, go) play binding of isaac, ctfs, and security stuff

ChaelCodes on Twitch

Chael wants to share the joy and beauty of programming through programming games and regular open-source streams on Twitch. She’s been a professional dev since 2012, 3x Team Lead, and manages an open-source repo for playing games of Monster of the Week. Currently, she works as DevRel at New Relic.

sharp_claw on Twitch

Иногда фотографирую котиков

polerin on Twitch

White trans woman, radical lefty, geek, pro web dev, novice game dev, derbyDerbyDerby. Will eat for food, & rock your face off. Or on. On is good.I mostly stream woodwork and game development.

xemotionalunicornx on Twitch

MaiAda (may-ah-dah) ✧ (she/her) ✧ the fest collective co-founder ✧ bipoc queer femme striving to make coding skills more accessible to all ✧ welcome to the so emotional club: a wholesome crew of misfits who have found their fit... join us ✧♡✧

Riazey on Twitch

I am an artist with a passion for games and animals which has fueled my determination to start and develop a game even when I knew at most two lines of code! Come watch me work on pixel art, code, and design Lightestone step by step, learning something new every day!

TwistedRambleGames on Twitch

Three indie game devs, currently developing Duru - a game about mole rats and depression. Join us for some live game development sessions, updates on our progress and lots of rambling!

Acegikmo on Twitch

Hey my name's Freya! I'm a game dev professional and a creative streamer. Here on Twitch I stream code 💻 2D art 🎨 DDR/PiU Workout 💃 Chatting about philosophy & politics 💬 Gaming, sometimes~ 🎮

novas1r1 on Twitch

Hi, I'm Verry and I invite you to join my emotional (🥳, 😭, 😡, 🤓) and passionate app development journey using Flutter/Dart 💙. I would love to inspire & help you building your own stuff 😱. Feel free to ask if you need help! I also sometimes stream Valorant and Pokémon 🎮.

whitep4nth3r on Twitch

✨⚡️ I am whitep4nth3r. I help developers build stuff, learn things, and love what they do. ⚡️✨

Arc_Anya on Twitch

Blockchain enthusiast (whatever that means XD). Started learning to code and studying Computer Science in January 2021. Love learning languages. How about you? COMMANDS: !agileventures !pomodoro !tip !about !project !github !languages !work !w !discord !devhelp !instagram !CTO

Simpathey on Twitch

I'm an engineer and I do game dev!

DrMikachu on Twitch

Hi, I'm Miko! I'm a game designer, developer, and lover of narrative and adventure focused games. I stream game development, games with interesting stories and mechanics, and terrible attempts at cooking.

YayItsKate on Twitch

I stream Guild Wars 2 pvp, Keyboard building, and a variety of single player games! Come join me sometime!

Foxsila on Twitch

I try to programm shet, play games and do art.

InTruColourGames on Twitch

Hey! I'm Wunmi - In October 2020, I decided to make a game! I knew how to code and do simple graphics. But like the perfectionist I am, I wanted my game to look DELECTABLE. So, I ventured into the world of pixel art and never looked back! Come hangout with me while I make the game of my dreams!

Krissi on Twitch

Immer ab 19 Uhr live 💜 Management: hallotoki@gmail.com

joeel561 on Twitch

Hellou Ich bin die Joeel und ich mach Coding Streams 😅 Hauptsächlich benutze ich VueJs & Symfony und streame jeden Dienstag und Donnerstag ab 16 Uhr. In meinen Streams geht es um meinen Lernprozess in Full Stack Projekten denn ich bin hauptberuflich Frontend Entwicklerin. Viel Spaß beim Zuschauen!

LaylaCodesIt on Twitch

Layla is a Developer Advocate at VMware. She is a Live Coder on Twitch, a Microsoft MVP, A GitHub Star, a director on the board of the .NET Foundation, and co-organiser of MK .NET user group. Layla loves sharing knowledge whilst having fun. No question is stupid and beginners are always welcome.

soypete01 on Twitch

Streaming Software dev in Golang, python, and maybe rust. I am here learning new tech, building cools projects, and answering new dev questions. Also available on @ForgeFoundation meetup events.

freckledscience on Twitch

i'm becoming an engineer coder with a 3d printer and lots of knowledge of nanoscience and materials

AishaCodes on Twitch

Programmer, powerlifter, puppy enthusiast.

Kierisi on Twitch

A former high school science teacher turned data scientist turned content developer, I love using a combination of live streamed videos and animation to bring data science, machine learning, and deep learning concepts to life.

MetalAndCoffee_ on Twitch

Hey! I'm Metal & Coffee (she/her). I'm a coder. I'm a metalhead ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ I play horror games. Come chill with me 🥰

5t3phDev on Twitch

Stephanie Eckles is a front-end focused SWE at Microsoft. She's also the author of ModernCSS.dev which provides modern solutions to old CSS problems as in-depth tutorials, and is the creator of StyleStage.dev, and author of SmolCSS.dev and 11ty.Rocks.

mewtru on Twitch

I'm a software engineer who works at Square but codes on Twitch! I work mostly in JavaScript/ React :)! Projects we've built on stream have been drawydrawing.com and a VSCode extension to control my VSCode via channel points! 💻🎮 🥺👉🏼👈🏼 ✨👻

EmmaSerendipity on Twitch

Enriching life by pursuing the one field which let's your creativity be only limited by your imagination, computer engineering. Streaming my academic pursuits you get the rare opportunity to see the struggle that is pursuing a computer engineering degree during COVID. Learn with me!

mmillecm on Twitch

Oi! Tudo bem com você? Meu nome é Camille e tenho 25 e sou programadora na Bosch Campinas. Aqui na live você vai poder acompanhar a rotina de uma programadora, com reuniões, dificuldades, memes, distrações, conversas então fique a vontade e seja meu colega de trabalho 💜

where_is_x on Twitch

duck feeder and yak shaver who streams learning through making and breaking. likes code, neurons, chemistry, and games. and thinks too much about cognitive representation. iterated @recursecenter

PachiCodes on Twitch

I am your friendly developer relations person🦕 #DevRel @newrelic;Moça de DevRel e co-fundadora da @feministech 💌 Streamer, writer, EN && pt-BR🌟

juiceboxhero on Twitch

My name is Mel. You can call me Juicebox, Juice, or StaffmonkaS I work for Twitch as a product manager for data privacy. I do fun coding streams. I also do charity streaming only!

RoseRainblood on Twitch

Hello! I retired from Twitch streaming in July 2021. Discord is now the home for our community. You can also watch my YouTube dev diaries each month to follow the Raindrop Chronicles game development journey, as well as Twitter and Instagram.

TheYagich on Twitch

lera (she/her); godot things, lua things, music production things maybe.

DeepSeaJess on Twitch

Hi I'm Jess (she/her)! deep-sea marine biologist in the UK, streaming science, tech, and art. Lately, I've been really enjoying streaming Subnautica in the evenings and real life lab work during the day. Advocate for queer representation in STEM

ImolaLola on Twitch

Welcome! I'm Imola Lola! A: Variety Streamer? Programmer? Web Developer? Depends on what I'm learning! Working towards self-teaching myself some career skills for professional development. Applied Languages: Python, JavaScript, SQL, and soon C#. Yes, I know, don't go towards the light (mode).

LisaRei on Twitch

Hi! I'm Lisa Rei. I stream myself studying, programming and working on my research. I am currently pursuing my MScEng in agrieconomics, learning Python and fighting with Linux. Chatter is welcome, that's why I stream!

MakingsOfAHero on Twitch

I'm pretty passionate about the MOBA genre and have played far too many hours in far too many different games of the genre. I believe the genre is moving in the wrong direction, evidenced by games as high budget as Paragon failing. I want to pull the genre back to its RTS roots where it belongs.

cassidoo on Twitch

Making memes and dreams... and software

Juliestrator on Twitch

Join me on my education journey! Here I learn things I've always found exciting like 3d modelling, programming, game design etc.

sxywu on Twitch

Hi, my name is Shirley. I’m an award-winning creative focused on data-driven art and visualizations.

JessicaMak on Twitch

gamedev, c++, opengl, shaders, procedural graphics, music, feelings

linaiz on Twitch

I'm Polish, living in Portugal. I'm a self-taught artist, also a Computer Science Student. Currently streaming Art, Game Dev in Unity & uni homework. Welcome to my Chickpea Queendom, we drink wine and wear fashionable hats.

cotufa82 on Twitch

Developer Advocate at Twitch/AWS - Rocking IVS! .Musicienne. Clown. A mix of holy and human things. Seriously humorous and humorously serious.

jakeliny on Twitch

oi, eu sou a Jakeliny Gracielly! Vamos aprender e discutir sobre tecnologia, programação e cybersecurity ♥

MaraDrinksMilk on Twitch

code with me as we tackle beginner-friendly projects and get more into web development!

lucecarter on Twitch

Xamarin loving Microsoft MVP and Twilio Champion!

riallymundane on Twitch

Hi! I do really mundane things. Mostly coding and Hollow Knight but also food and other various things.

blawblawlaw on Twitch

JavaScript developer on a full-stack journey. Sharing coding challenges, strategies, lessons, and general chit-chat.

MetaDevGirl on Twitch

Detroit Software Engineer all about gaming, gadgets and tech. | Follow for a variety of PC/console gaming, diy electronics, and coding streams!

girlwithbox on Twitch

Pandora gave me a box one time and never came back for it. Jamaican living in NY, streaming games, programming, and art maybe? I'll try anything that comes to mind and consequently ruin this stream :) ENJOY!

MaryJoStaebler on Twitch

Hello, Hello, I'm Mary Jo. I do the code and the design and the www. I enjoy doing creative animation what not via web stuff. Come join the fun!

JolaThePrincess on Twitch

I'm on a quest to conquer (or at least gain adequate functional knowledge of) the great Python language. Follow my journey as we battle syntax errors, careless indentation mistakes, and every once in a while, triumphantly debug my code!

GeekyGirlSarah on Twitch

Hi! I'm Sarah, a friendly, supportive polyglot software developer, hardware/robot tinkerer, conference speaker, and now variety streamer! I stream hardware and software builds and some casual gaming. I only use 100% wholly organic sarcasm and puns. Ask about my DIY artificial pancreas!

AshleeMBoyer on Twitch

Disabled Software Engineer and Web Accessibility Specialist | HOH 🦻🤟 | Live Knitter 🧶 & Live Coder 👩‍💻 | All views are mine | she/her

crazy4pi314 on Twitch

Quantum Techonologist who loves working on open source projects 💖 When I am not at the keyboard I love kayaking, laser cutting everything (safe), and writing books about engineering for kids.

enceladosaurus on Twitch

Welcome to Enceladosaurus Wrecks! I'm an astrophysicist and machine learning engineer with a love for video games, science, and my dogs. If you want to learn more about space, machine learning, programming, data science, and game development, stick around! (Intro music courtesy of BenSound!)